Flatgold's Blustery Blizzard  x Dual Ch, IntCh, CIE Elfi de la Ruaz

Date of birth: 30.08.2014

4 black dogs / 4 black bitches




Buddha Spirit Nirvana (male)

HD A/A , ED 0/0

Patella 0/0

eyes clear

Gonio free

Color: BbEE (carries liver, no yellow)

Results see page Buddha work and Buddha Show


Bentley Flying Spur (male)

diverse Working Tests in Ireland

Hips 0/4 (UK)

Ellbows ok

eyes ok

Blue Velvet (female)

HD A/A , ED 0/0, eyes clear

Field Trial Champion à la française

2 x CACT à l'anglaise

Boy Meets Girl (female)

(Kennel Firgreen www.firgreen.de )

HD A/A , ED 0/0

eyes clear

Gonio free

Dummy A, JPR



Barney's Great Adventure (male)

HD A/A , ED 0/0
Patella free

Working Test Beginners


Black Faible Pokerface (female)

HD A/A , ED 0/0


Bright Morningstar

HD A/A, ED 0/0

eyes clear

1st Litter with Diamante Blu Imperio 17.February 2018


Back To The Future (male)


Allevamento Flat Coated Retriever Italia

Olivia Erfurth

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