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Dual Purpose Flat Coated Retriever Italia


When Smilla - bred by Ursula Frey - entered into our family in 2007 as a pure Family dog, nobody would have ever imagined, that she became one of the most successful Dual Purpose Flat Coated Retrievers in Europe. Until she was 2 years old, I just trained her by myself, using Verena Ommerlis book "Dummy Training for Retrievers" as a guideline. In 2009 we participated in a training organized by Alessandra Franchi and this is where I entered into the Retriever Working world. That day I met Susanna Volpe, my dear training friend and Chiara Berzacola, whithout whom our success would not have been possible.


Funny, a total female team!


Thank you Ursula, Vreni , Alessandra, Susanna and Chiara. And of course thank you Smilla, you are the "Once in a lifetime Dog"



Italian Field Trial Champion

Italian Champion

3 x Social Champion (Retrievers Club Italiano)

Winner Challenge Benelli 2012 (Best Retriever of the year in Italy)

International Show Champion

International Exhibition Champion

French Field Trial Champion all'anglaise (not homologated)

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