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IT FT CH, Int CH Elfi de la Ruaz x  Multi Show CH, Dual CH Royal Silk Gamblerman

* 18.2.2011


4 black dogs

- Aston Martin Let's go

- Academy Awards Oscar

- Aslan of Narnia

- Along Comes Jones

5 black bitches

- After Midnight for 18 Carats

- All Star Boogie

- Atomic Punk

- Absolutely Sweet Marie

- American Beauty

FTW Aston Martin Let's Go

HD B/B , ED 0/0

eyes clear

Gonio free


1.exc FT alla française Camargue 2014

2.exc RCACT FT Cressa 2014

5.exc FT Novice Parma 2014

Winner Circuito Working Test G8 / 2016 (Open Class)


Academy Awards Oscar

HD B/B , ED 0/0


Happy Family dog, Switzerland

Along Comes Jones

HD B/B , ED 0/0


Working Test Debuttants

Aslan of Narnia


Happy Family Dog, Torino


DualCH, INT CH, CIE After Midnight for 18 Carats


HD A/A , ED 0/0

Eyes clear


FT Ch alla française, Fr CH, Int Ch,

Lice recommendée

IT Jr CH Atomic Punk

(giovane promessa ENCI)

HD A/A , ED 0/0


Working Test Debuttants




All Star Boogie


Working Test Debuttants


Absolutely Sweet Marie


Happy Family dog, Monza


American Beauty


Happy Family dog, Massa


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